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So You Think You Can Dance – Charleston and DC Auditions. May 29, 2008

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Charleston. We found Travis here! Did you know I love Travis? I wasn’t sure if I mentioned it.

• Sheila, 18. She has on the black stretchy contemporary shorts and a hoodie she bought at Forever 21. But she is also adorable and really graceful and the judges send her straight to Vegas.
• Erin, 30, and John, 23. They are pretty sure they are ballroom dancers, and I am pretty sure they are awful. You guys, they do the running man and the cabbage patch. ON PURPOSE. They are so so bad and they go home. Yikes.
• Jeremiah, 19. He is awkwardly philosophical. He is… good? I don’t know. He flops around a bit and almost falls down a couple of times. The judges really like him, though, and send him straight to Vegas.
• Syidah, 25. When you were younger, did you ever wear two pairs of socks layered so that one color stuck out over the other one? She is doing that, but with four different colors. My 9-year-old self is so jealous. She does a handful of moves she saw on music videos and is generally uninterested in being normal. She takes her attitude and goes home.
• Shamika, 28. She, I am pretty sure, tries to have sex with the floor. Goes home.
• Anthony and Antwain, 20, identical twins. Anthony goes first, jumps around a lot, gets sent home. Antwain goes second, does a lot of flips and a few more interesting moves than his brother. But he also puts himself on the line for him a little bit and the judges ask them both to come up and do a routine together, which the completely knock out of the park. I think, even in the routine, that Antwain is still better… his movements are a lot bigger and he is more expressive. But they both get through to the choreography.
• Choreography! Travis! In: Antwain, Anthony.

• Abigail, 18. She is really cute and teaches swim lessons to kids and is an awful, awful dancer. Seriously. She is terrible. But she is still so adorable. Tyce tells her she was “horrifying” and she says, “Oh. Crap.” She goes home.
• BJ, 23. He works at a performing arts school and the kids and teachers there donated money to get him to the audition. He has lots of tricks and is pretty amazing to watch. He goes to choreography.
• Courtney, 19. Question: do you think the producers want us to think Nygel is skeevy? We always get creepy old man shots of him when cute girls are dancing. Anyway, Courtney is adorable and has a lot of personality and goes straight to Vegas.
• Jason/Betty, 21. He is a transvestite and he is dancing to Paula Abdul and he is wearing hot pink stretch pants and he is just scary. Again, why are we wasting our time on these people? We do get a good quote out of Nygel, though: “You are not only a disgrace to dancers, you are a disgrace to transvestites.” That’s kind of awesome. He sucks and he goes home. Here’s what annoys me, though, even more than JBet. The judges spend a lot of time telling him he’s awful and disrespectful to the people who are there for real and blah blah blah. It’s all very high and mighty, but they give him five minutes of TV time, so obviously they are kind of ok with it.
• Next we get a bad dancer montage that is so awesome it makes Aaron crylaugh really hard and we have to go back and watch it again.
• Claire, 20. She auditioned two seasons ago but got hurt in Vegas. She is freakishly thin and has Steel Magnolias hair and I don’t think she is good at all. They send her to choreography.
• Choreography! Travis! In: Claire.Out: BJ.

Washington DC! I… have nothing interesting to say about that.

• Megan, 18. She is dancing to that Alicia Keys “no one no one no one” song, which I hate, so I am already meh on her. She is cute and seems to be pretty good… she has really strong movements but she flips her hair all over the place. This is her first audition ever and they send her straight to Vegas.
• Derrick, 23. Oh, awesome. This guy is a crackhead who auditioned last year, was terrible, and ended up hyperventilating. This year he thinks he has a better shot because he’s been taking an African dance class where, apparently, they teach the fishing pole, die throwing and golfing. WOW. He is lame. He goes home.
• Markus, 23. He is wearing a t-shirt with his late mother’s face airbrushed on it. His routine is kind of a mix of hip hop and contemporary, and it is really cool to watch. They praise his choreography and his musicality and… send him to choreography. WHY? He was great. He should have gone to Vegas. This is insane.
• Markus, 25, and Deonna, 23. They are DC swing dancers, which appears to be a mix of swing, hip hop, disco… all kind of stuff. It’s really fun to watch. At one point they do this funky spin move where he slides out of his jacket and she slides into it. I watched it in slow motion and I still have no idea how they did it. They go to choreography.
• Choreography! Travis! In: Markus the contemporary. Out: Deonna and Markus the swinger.

• Brandon, 18. He is amazing, y’all. He is really strong and powerful and moves really gracefully. He even gets a Mary scream. He is fantastic and they send him straight to Vegas Must be the stretchy black shorts. He kind of ruins the impression, though, when he SCAMPERS off stage. Scampering is not cool.
• Phucdat, 25. He is wearing goggles. Why we gotta waste his flava? I don’t think he is good at all, but he does do some cool tricks. The judges seem to like him and he goes to choreography.
• Maria. Y’all! She has a Get In Shape Girl ribbon! That is amazing. I wish I had known I could take my mad ribbon dancing skills to the stage. She is not good and goes home.
• Anthony, 23. He is wearing fatigues and dancing to, I think, Trans Siberian Orchestra. It is weird and kind of scary. We already saw him walking down the street cursing the camera, so I imagine this isn’t going to go well. But! They send him to choreography. Hmmm.
• Choreography! Travis! Out: Anthony (and his breakdown) and Phucdat. Which, by the way, is pronounced awesomely.

One more week of auditions. Then! Vegas! V-E-A-G-S!


So You Think You Can Dance – Salt Lake City and Dallas auditions.

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We’re in Salt Lake City. Everything is covered in snow. That makes me want to cry. Seriously, how do people live in places like that? So many layers! So much frozenness! So little feeling in your fingers and toes!

• Chelsea, 18, ballroom. Big family, no money, overcoming obstacles. I can’t really tell how good her dancing is, but she’s all legs and she looks great. Also she is cute, tan and blond so she goes straight to Vegas.
• Brett, 25, has Down’s Syndrome and is a Special Olympics spokesperson. He is not good, they go on and on about how they don’t want to patronize him, they call him an inspiration, he goes home.
• Michael, huge family, part of a Native American dance group. He… break dances? I’m not really sure. It was kind of a mess. His legs are everywhere. He spends a lot of time talking about how he knows it was bad and they send him home.
• Richard, 23. His jeans are really tight. How do these people get to the point where they think, not only can they dance, but they are so good they should be on TV? Do they not have friends? He is bad. He tells them he is actually really good but he forgot his choreography. He goes home.
• Robert, 24. He does a couple of cartwheels and falls flat on his face and goes home.
• Gev, 21. He is an ice skating break dancer. Luckily he does not come out on skates and give me a Breakskate flashback. This guy is really good… it’s like break dancing and contemporary mixed together. The moves are breaker moves, but they flow and are really smooth. I love him, they send him to choreography.
• Lindsey, 22. Contemporary? Jazz? She has more personality on stage than most contemporary dancers and does some cool tricks. Also, she is cute and thin and tan and she goes straight to Vegas. Shocking.
• Nicole, 27. She has four kids y’all. FOUR. We are the same age and she has four kids. Yikes. Also, she is not good. At all. This is what would happen if I tried out for this show. They call her fun several times to keep from calling her bad. She goes home.
• Kelly, 18. Her mom is apparently a big deal dancer and was the choreographer for High School Musical, which Kelly was also in. I wonder how she got that job? She is contemporary and seems to be pretty good… she is really graceful and emotive. They love her and she goes straight to Vegas.
• Choreography! Travis! In: Gev. Out: no one we know.

• Naomie, 31. She’s a financial advisor-slash-actress, which means she’s a financial advisor. She… kind of flops around and does some spins and is generally terrible. She also slides around on her socks for a while. They are pretty mean to her, which I don’t entirely get. Plenty of people come on here and are bad and they humor them and send them home, but they are mean to this woman. It’s pretty sad. Obviously they send her home.
• Ryan, 26, strip club DJ. He’s very Cedric-esque… flowy and funky with crazy hands. He is cool and they love him and… they send him to choreography. Of course.
• Matt, 21. He does a nice contemporary routine to a song that doesn’t match at all. He looks like kind of a goober, actually. He has a cheesy face and does this really weird crazy-arm running thing a lot. They love him and send him to Vegas.
• Thayne, 27. Pretty run-of-the-mill contemporary, so he goes straight to Vegas.
• Kortney, 25. Hiphop, I think. She has on an enormous scarf. There’s not much going on that isn’t big stompy steps. They send her to choreography.
• Shelly, 25, Kortney’s best friend. She has more of a contemporary feel but it looks really rough to me, like she’s just kind of winging it and doesn’t really have much training.
• Choreography! Travis! In: Shelly, Kortney, Ryan. Out: again, no one we know.

Dallas! Yay! I hope someone I know shows up. Preferably someone I didn’t particularly like who shows up and embarrasses themselves. Because I live in the town of Petty, population: me.

I love that in Dallas, where it is probably about 50 degrees, everyone is wrapped in blankets and complaining about how it is FREEZING outside. I hear them, y’all. These are my people.

• Brian, says he is 30 but is obviously older. This guy is clearly insane. He is gross and greasy and he has his number on upside down and he ends every sentence with “Period. It’s like that.” I hate him and he hasn’t even danced yet. He is of course awful. He’s that old guy at the club who sneaks up behind a group of girls and is all over someone before they realize he’s there. He is full of attitude and goes home. Duh.
• Chad, 29, owner of a sweet mohawk and a giant cross tattoo on the back of his head. He is some kind of full ultimate extreme deathmatch fighter guy, and also a line dancing teacher. He tears his hamstring while warming up but intends to dance anyway. He pretty much gets up there and line dances. It’s not good and he goes home. Why are we spending so much time on these lame guys?
• Paige, 19. I already hate her. She is that Texas pageant girl stereotype that is just… too much for me to handle. We see her apartment where everything is pink pink pink and tells us she is ‘crazy’. I bet. She’s a contemporary dancer, I guess, but she seems pretty sloppy to me. This time the judges are with me and they send her to choreography.
• Joshua, 18, hiphop. He’s a big dude. He doesn’t do a lot of tricks, but he seems to be a really solid dancer. And he can jump about fifteen feet in the air. They send him to choreography.
• Cassidy, 22. Hip hop. She spends a lot of time talking about how she can ‘throwdown’ and surprise people, but she doesn’t seem to be doing much more than sticking her butt out and flipping her hair. They tell her she’s the worst audition so far, which seems a bit extreme, and send her home.
• Brianna, 18. She… sits on the floor and moves her head around. Nigel says she looks like a bored stripper, which is totally right. We don’t see it but I am sure they send her home.
• Kayleigh, 18. Bad. Goes home.
• John, 23, and Arielle, 18. They do a partner contemporary routine with lots of lifts and spins and it is really pretty. He is not very good on his own and seems to pretty much be there to lift her up, but they are really nice together. They send him to choreography and she goes straight to Vegas.
• Ok, this sucks. We get a montage of dancers and judges comments, including “the best female hip hop dancer they’ve ever seen”, “such cool body control and unique style” and “Dallas has really delivered”. Do we see any of those routines? No we do not. Why are we wasting time on these idiot people who clearly can’t dance and missing out on all the good stuff? Jerky people with bad attitudes are not fun to watch. I am annoyed.
• Steven, 19. His hair is styled to look like Mickey Mouse ears and he is dancing with a chair. They tell him he is not good, he says he is. He argues and gets mad and makes excuses and Mary calls him delusional and he calls her a bitch. Oh, the drama. He goes home. I’m so glad we spent five minutes on this guy.
• Choreography! Travis! In: Paige (boo) and Joshua. Out: John.

I didn’t know any of those people! Sad. Tomorrow, more auditions. Hopefully we will actually see some good dancers this time.


You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes. May 25, 2008

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Holy moly, y’all. I am tired. It has been a whirlwind of pictures, tassels, tiny sandwiches, Dr. Suess and Ghandi and Bob Dylan quotes, tiny names in programs and dodging grandparents.

It’s graduation weekend.

We had five seniors in our youth group this year, and they graduated from five different high schools. We’ve sat through a lot of speeches in the last 48 hours.

This is Taylor. He rides his bike all over town and is an amazing rollerblader and has some pretty insane hair.

This is Brandon. He is crazy smart and got a scholarship to attend Columbia.

This is Rachel. She talks more than anyone I have ever known and wants to be a missionary nurse.

This is Dennis. He is going to school on a track scholarship and is the best Guitar Hero player I have ever seen.

This is Sarah. She will tell you exactly how you’re wrong and make you laugh at the same time.

This is a group of kids who barely knew each other a couple of years ago and is walking out of high school as friends. They couldn’t be more different, and they would never have been close if they had gone to school together. It has been so interesting to watch them learn to accept and befriend people who come from such different worlds.

I am so proud and excited for them, and so sad to see them go. They have challenged me and made me think and forced me to open up my mind a little more every day. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

But right now I am going to take a nap. All this celebrating has worn me out.


The best show on TV is BACK. May 23, 2008

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It’s back! It’s back! It’s So You Think You Can Dance time, people!

My love for this show is well documented on this blog. It is easily my favorite show on TV. I am not exaggerating when I say that – I would give up just about any other show before SYTYCD (as we truly obsessive fans call it). I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH.

This season, I’m giving recapping a whirl. Not real, TWoP-style recapping… I don’t have the patience or the wit for that. But because I am sure you are dying to know my opinions and reactions to the show (and by you, I mean Susan), I am officially instating SYTYCD Fridays. Fun for me, vaguely interesting for you. I will try to keep the all-caps to a minimum.

So! Here we go! I am grinning like an idiot.


• Montage! Falling! Crazy breakdancing and spinning! Um, a guy just caught a girl’s head with his foot. Whoa.
• First up is an adorable 18-year-old girl with hot pink tips in her hair. I love that she has on a loose tank top and shorts and not what is basically a bra and undies. She’s great and they send her straight to Vegas.
• Greasy Italian guy who takes his shirt off and attempts to lick his own nipple. They send him to the choreography round but I don’t think he’s going anywhere.
• I hate Sex and I hate his mother and that is all I am saying about that.
• Laura, 25, visually impaired. She’s not very good. I was sure they were going to put her through to choreography when Mia got all emotional but they send her home.
• Twitch! He’s awesome. He has the same face as our friend BJ. I am so amazed by the breaker/hiphop stuff these people do. It’s so creative. Vegas!
• Fat kid in an earflap hat.
• OK, y’all. This 46-year-old woman traveled from Russia to dance really poorly to a Hannah Montana ripoff. She is really terrible. She also tried to show us her business a couple of times. I don’t want to see anybody’s business.
• Phillip. I remember this guy from last year. He does all kind of crazy tricks… it’s like the motion just moves up and down his body. It’s insane. He goes to the choreography round.
• William from Nashville. He dances to a woman talking about different issues. It’s not my favorite… I don’t think he really did much dancing and went for the ‘clever’ vote instead. The judges like it and send him to choreography.
• Less fat kid with some kind of fur around his neck.
• Gross guy in his underwear.
• Choreography round! Travis from season two is the teacher! He is totally my SYTYCD boyfriend. I love him so much. In: Phillip and William. Out: greasy Italian guy. Yay!

• Erika, contemporary. I feel like she’s… fine. I don’t know that I entirely get contemporary. Sometimes it’s really beautiful and it blows me away, and sometimes it just looks like someone flailing around on stage. But the judges love her and send her to Vegas.
• Leonidas and Aliona, ballroom. She has fantastic bangs. They are cute and fun, but with ballroom it tends to all look the same to me. They don’t really stand out. The judges love them. Straight to Vegas.
• Randy. Really bad hiphop in a t-shirt that says ‘So I Think I Can Dance’. He reminds me of Landry from Friday Night Lights.
• More bad hiphop, this time with a spinning necklace and a flying hat.
• Victor. This guy is amazing. Crazy headstands and flips and balancing on his elbow. Then, and this is awesome, he walks on his hands down the stairs and then sits in a seat and acts like he’s watching a really cool performance. Awesome. They send him to choreography.
• It bothers me that when someone is a great contemporary or ballroom dancer, they send them straight to Vegas, but when someone is an amazing breaker or hip hop dancer, they put them through the choreography round. The more traditional dancers always have trouble with the hip hop routines on the show, just like the breakers have trouble doing their styles. It seems to me like it should be all or nothing, you know?
• Super hero guy from last season. Lame.
• Ricky and Asuka, ballroom. I like them a lot better than the other ballroom couple. They have a lot of personality and look great together. Sent to choreography.
• Carrington… oh, I mean Kherington. Yikes. Cute, blond, contemporary. It falls into the ‘it all looks the same’ category for me. Vegas. Blah.
• Robert. Holy pajamas, y’all. This guy is unbelievable. You can watch him here. They awesomely send him to Vegas.
• Choreography round – In: Ricky and Asuka. Out: Victor. Sad.

Next week: Salt Lake City and Dallas. I love it when reality shows do auditions in Dallas. I am always convinced I will see someone I know. Yay!


My life canon so far. May 19, 2008

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Jonathan tagged me a while back to post my Life Canon. I think this is a really cool idea, and I love both lists and talking about myself, so I am all over this. Here are the rules:

1. Only individual works rather than artists are to be included in the canon.
2. The canon does not need to be restricted to textual pieces.
3. Sacred texts are banned from the list.
4. Because this is a written exercise, there will necessarily be an order, but these are no way a hierarchy.
5. There shouldn’t be an explanation of the works, just the list.
6. The list is restricted to ten items.

So here is what I would call my Life Canon, at least so far:

- August and Everything After, Counting Crows
- Til We Have Faces, C.S. Lewis
- Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble, Live from Austin, TX DVD
- The Harry Potter series
- Almost Famous
- Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith, Anne Lamott
- A Century Ends, David Gray
- Pride and Prejudice, A&E/BBC miniseries
- Everyone’s Little CD, Waterdeep
- Roaring Lambs, Bob Briner

I could have made a list three times as long… narrowing it down to ten was pretty hard. What about you? What’s in your life canon? Post it and leave a link in the comments.


I am not thinking what you are thinking.

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Does this ever happen to you? You’re talking to someone, and they are saying some stuff that you think is on the wrong side of crazy, and then they give you that look like, “I know you know what I mean.”

What is that all about? Why do people just assume that you think the way they do? I, as a general rule, do not think you think like I think. Because I? Think some pretty random stuff.

So, for future reference, here are some things. These are things that, in the last couple of weeks, I have discovered that people think I think. But I do not think these things. You may think them, and therefore think I think them, but if you would really think you would then think I do not think them. Got that?

- lesbianism is contagious
- it’s wrong for grandmas to talk to their grandkids
- someone named David should win American Idol
- it’s okay to use cocaine
- Rascal Flatts are a good band
- you should get your validation from junior high kids
- dancing reality shows are lame
- it’s okay to live vicariously through your teenage daughter
- Barack Obama is the anti-Christ
- it’s wrong to watch Greek marathons on ABC Family


The Swell Season at the Brown Theater. May 14, 2008

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This is another story about a concert in Kentucky. Monday afternoon we drove up to Louisville to see The Swell Season. If you are a sad sad person who doesn’t know who that is, well, I’m not sure we should be friends anymore. I’m really sorry.

I’ve written about them a time or two… they are Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, who you may know from the movie Once, which I know you’ve seen because I never shut up about it. They played with a full band made up of The Frames, who as best as I understand it are Glen Hansard’s band. It was a great show.

Before I get into the details, let me tell you a couple of things I learned about the people of Louisville:
- they do not eat after 5:00 pm
- they consider themselves experts on all things Irish
- they have really cool looking shops that are never open
- they do not know where they are at any given moment

Now, maybe you live in Louisville, or your grandma does, or you drove through there once and you think I am wrong. “We eat after 5:00 every day!”, you might say. But you are wrong. There are no food options after 5:00 pm in Louisville.

So! The show. It was really, really good. The Brown Theater is a great venue… one of those old funky theaters with crazy moldings and giant chandeliers. It was the perfect place for them to play.

I have to tell y’all, I don’t think I adequately prepared myself for this show. We see a lot of concerts, and I really love live music. But when Glen Hansard came out on stage, I kind of flipped out. I might have squealed a little. Or a lot. Possibly I was kind of giddy. It was just so COOL. So he came out and did “Say It To Me Now” sitting on his knees at the front of the stage by himself, not plugged in or miked at all, and it was amazing. I don’t have a picture of that because I didn’t think my camera would take good pictures. Then I tried it later and it kind of did. Sad.

Apparently Barack Obama was in Louisville on Monday also, and they went to hear him speak, so he was pretty fired up about that. He also mentioned Deadliest Catch… if he had said something about FIFA for Playstation it might have been the best day of Aaron’s life.

They played a lot of songs off the movie soundtrack (including my most favoritest, “Lies“, seriously, watch that video right now and you will love it too), some new stuff and some Frames stuff. It was all just so pretty. I don’t know a lot about the Frames, but I am definitely going to check it out. The only downside to the whole thing was all the talking. I love a good Irish accent as much as anyone, but OH MY GOSH the talking. Super long stories before every song, random trails of thought, talking talking talking. Boo. If they had told just one fewer story maybe they would have had time for “Into the Mystic” and “Leave“, the only two songs I wanted to hear but didn’t. Glen Hansard even did a Van Morrison cover, and got my hopes all the way up before they came crashing down when he sang a different song.

Overall it was a great show. He is really funny, and they do a good job interacting with the audience. They are coming to Nashville in September (information that would have been really useful before we bought the Kentucky tickets!) and I will definitely go again. It was so cool to see them in person and hear the songs I’ve been listening to nonstop since October played live. If they are coming near you, you better go. You will not be disappointed. Especially not if you like epic stories. Or Justin Timberlake.


My mom? Is awesome. May 11, 2008

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You know you wish you had a picture like this with your mom.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, MOM! I am glad that I get more like you all the time.


Some things and some stuff. May 6, 2008

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I hope I never have a job where I have to wear some kind of badge around my neck on a lanyard.

Last night we snuck around town putting pink plastic flamingos in people’s yards.

Have you tried the honey cinnamon almonds from Target? Holy pajamas they are delicious.

Tomorrow we are flying to Austin for Aaron’s brother’s graduation. There will be mexican food and margaritas and reggae shows and sleeping in and telephone pictionary and extended family and did I mention margaritas? I think I did.

The DVR allows me to follow way too many TV shows. I just got caught up on Gossip Girl, and y’all, that show is insane. I can’t believe I watch it. Except I totally can.

It’s dress and flip flop season and I have lots of both and I am very happy.

I tear up every time I see Chandler propose to Monica in reruns.

I am addicted to scrabulous. I have been playing several games at a time with my dad, my papa, my friends all over the place. I am… not very good. Currently both my dad and my papa are beating me by hundreds of points.

I visited all my pregnant friends in Dallas last week and bought them baby t-shirts called Mysterio Presents. They come in little linen bags that are sealed up, and they are all printed with different futures for the babies. So you don’t know what you get until you open it.

I know it’s small… they say, from left to right: Big Tipper, Monkey Wrangler, Donut Tycoon, Professional Bowler and Flamenco Dancer. I love them.

I hate button down shirts.


Good Things In April. May 2, 2008

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Apr 1 – I was tired and spent too much time watching RENT and Avenue Q clips on Youtube.
Apr 2 – Really great high school discussion night, lots of forward motion within the group.
Apr 3 – I kind of learned what a Hawkeye is. FYI – it is not a hot guy.
Apr 4 – Some new friends came over to hang out and we ended up talking until 2 am.
Apr 5 – My amazing husband got up early and made me pancakes from scratch.
Apr 6 – We spent a beautiful afternoon buying plants and working on the yard.
Apr 7 – Fun road trip with Aaron and Becka to see Ben Folds and Eef Barzelay.
Apr 8 – I laid down ‘squad’ in scrabulous for EIGHTY TWO points.
Apr 9 – Spontaneous ultimate frisbee game with the kids in the REI parking lot.
Apr 10 – Spontaneous lunch get together with friends.
Apr 11 – Nice night out for steak and a movie.
Apr 12 – I read a book in it’s entirety laying on a blanket outside.
Apr 13 – We met a lot of new people from church and got to spend some quality time with our pastor.
Apr 14 – Some new friends had us over for dinner and then out to see Sleeping At Last.
Apr 15 – I discovered honey cinnamon almonds at Target. On my word.
Apr 16 – My plans for a flamingo fundraiser were set into motion.
Apr 17 – I ate a BLT from Jimmy John’s.
Apr 18 – Fun birthday party for Becka.
Apr 19 – Nice lazy day of shopping and reading.
Apr 20 – Great service and four kids got baptized and a long afternoon reading in the sun and the first ever Early Morning Music showcase that was a humongous success and late night pb&j at Cafe Coco with the band. AMAZING day.
Apr 21 – Fun dinner with the band and a great Jars/Switchfoot show.
Apr 22 – We ran into some friends we haven’t seen in ages at Pei Wei and had a fun dinner with them.
Apr 23 – I bought five Mysterio Presents shirts for my friends.
Apr 24 – Spent the day in Mockingbird Station with my family.
Apr 25 – Had a BLAST with seven of my friends from high school.
Apr 26 – Had a BLAST at my friend Trisha’s 30th birthday party.
Apr 27 – Had a BLAST at care group with some new friends.
Apr 28 – Good ‘life stuff’ talk with Aaron over yummy steaks.
Apr 29 – Really fun afternoon with an incoming youth who has Down’s.
Apr 30 – Had a good high school group night with a couple of kids we hadn’t seen in ages.


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