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Seven Things Sunday. August 23, 2009

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~ ONE ~

We are completely obsessed with reruns of The West Wing on Bravo. I don’t know when or how often they come on, but we have about 25 sitting on the DVR.

I really actively disliked Studio 60 when it came on. I didn’t understand all the preaching and uppity-ness about sketch comedy. But preaching and uppity-ness about liberal politics? That I can handle. It’s smart and funny and has great characters. I love it so much.

~ TWO ~

I have listened to Dashboard Confessional’s Dusk and Summer about a thousand times in the last week. It is the perfect end of summer album. Go download ‘Stolen’. I’ll wait here.


I have a church music pet peeve I need to share. It is so awkward when songs have lyrics that describe an action that we aren’t actually doing. It feels weird and disingenuous to sing lines like “awestruck we fall to our knees” or “we stand and lift up our hands” if we are not actually doing those things. But it feels fake to do them just because we’re singing about it. I mean, it’s one thing to lift your hands and spin around in the youth room. It’s another to falsify your awestruck-ness.

Also I hate it in “How Great Is Our God” when the line ‘sing with me’ is on the screen. Who are we talking to? Why is that in the official lyrics? I do not understand.

~ FOUR ~

I have a very distinct memory of these cookies that my mom used to buy when I was a kid. They were like little shortbread bites, but they were hollow and the middle was filled with chocolate. They were excessively delicious – nice and crispy, and then you would bite into them and this chocolate frosting-y stuff would burst out. I can’t remember the name of them and they are nowhere to be found.

Then today I am wandering around World Market looking at all the crazy food they sell. I am in the Japanese section, looking at the different Pocky flavors, when I come across something called Hello Panda. What is Hello Panda? Just a delicious Japanese cookie, then and crispy on the outside with chocolate frosting-y stuff in the middle. Also, THE MOST DELICIOUS COOKIES EVER. They aren’t the cookies I remember, exactly, but they’re pretty darn close.

~ FIVE ~

Things are on a major upswing with the youth group these days. Well, an upswing with a weight tied around it. Our Sunday mornings have been great the past few weeks… it’s amazing what school starting will do for you. We have a ton of new kids and have been having some really good discussions in our small groups. I am thrilled.

The weight wrapped around it comes in the form of our youth space. Remember that house we were working on to renovate and turn into a youth building? That is pretty much dead in the water. The combination of this recession and unknown and potentially astronomical structural repair costs have put the project on the probably not happening list. I don’t know what the future of a permanent space for our kids will be, but we do have a temporary answer. We have taken over the conference room and a couple of other rooms in our church office building and I am frantically working to get them cleaned and painted and youth-ized. So, at least for a little while, we’ll have some space that’s ours.

We had more kids than can fit in the room today, though, so it’s a mixed blessing.

~ SIX ~

I recently bought skinny jeans, tall boots, and a lumberjack plaid tunic. I am trying to be cooler than I am. Lord help me.


Last week was our last Sunday night as care group leaders. Remember all those concerns I had a couple of years ago when we started this thing? Turns out I knew more than I realized. It was just too much.

Lucky for us our group is full of amazing people and we had no trouble handing this thing off to another couple. We will just be… members. We can just show up and participate. I don’t have to plan or clean or worry that no one will show up. I can’t wait.


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  1. scott Says:

    a box of cookies for 98 cents?!? i’m going to WM this week!

    also, about the song lyrics, one song i used to hate singing was a song with the line “more intimate than lovers” when describing your relationship with God. it made me uncomfortable. i would look around at other people to see if i could see any reaction, but never saw much. people just sang it. are praise songs that hard to write without having lyrics that are awkward?

    if i can ever move to Nashville, i will help you youth-ize anything.

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