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Good Things in September. October 6, 2011

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Sept 1 – Really good discussion in book club.
Sept 2 – This baby is coming in ten weeks. TEN WEEKS.
Sept 3 – Aaron’s brother and his wife and daughther came to visit! Delicious brunch followed by Sweet Cici’s.
Sept 4 – Delicious lunch and the Warhol exhibit at the Frist with the family.
Sept 5 – Toured the Ryman and walked downtown with the family, then a fun night with friends.
Sept 6 – Very productive day.
Sept 7 – Coworker was driving me insane and I didn’t kill ANYONE.
Sept 8 – Fellow book club member was driving me insane and I didn’t kill ANYONE.
Sept 9 – Great girls night out with a new friend.
Sept 10 – Two new youth events, nerf dart tag and spa makeover night, were big successes.
Sept 11 – Lazy football nap day.
Sept 12 – Good discussion in youth group.
Sept 13 – I killed it at the Missoni sale at Target AND we left for vacation. Fabulous day.
Sept 14 – Savannah! Waffles, trolleys, old church tours, nap, gorgeous city, parmesan grits, river walk, gourmet ice cream.
Sept 15 – Cemetery tour! Beach! Sushi!
Sept 16 – Started furnishing the nursery at IKEA.
Sept 17 – Made pumpkin molasses cookies for a fun barbecue with friends.
Sept 18 – Great hangout with friends, and COACH WON THE EMMY.
Sept 19 – One of my volunteers spoke in youth group for the first time and did a great job.
Sept 20 – Got a ton of work done for fall retreat.
Sept 21 – Sold the guest room furniture! It’s nursery time!
Sept 22 – We started painting the nursery. And by we, I mean Aaron.
Sept 23 – Kari came to town! We saw a haunted hitchhiker! Women’s retreat begins!
Sept 24 – Great day at the retreat with Susan Isaacs, brisket tacos, late night girl time.
Sept 25 – Yet another football nap day. I love Sundays.
Sept 26 – Really good discussion in small group about what it means to be part of the bigger picture.
Sept 27 – Made the official Week Of Retreat To Do List.
Sept 28 – Justin Beiber was in town resulting in hilarious texts from my girls as they chased him around.
Sept 29 – Went to a gender reveal party for a friend. Our girl’s BFF is going to be a BOY.
Sept 30 – The first ever GPYG fall retreat began. Great first night.


Good Things in August.

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I know how much you’re all dying to know what I did every day. Two months ago. 2011 is totally the year of my blog.

Aug 1 – Reading lunch at Zoe’s. Delicious and informative.
Aug 2 – Great youth staff meeting. This year is going to be great.
Aug 3 – Got Spotify. I feel cool and stressed out.
Aug 4 – Holiday World!
Aug 5 – Cleaned house while listening to a custom playlist made by Mike.
Aug 6 – Late night sushi date.
Aug 7 – Giant relay race for upcoming 6th graders! So much fun.
Aug 8 – Fall kick off cookout!
Aug 9 – Dinner with the college kids.
Aug 10 – Great birthday! Tiramisu, awesome gifts, and a night out dancing to an 80s cover band.
Aug 11 – I survived the glucose test! I don’t know if I passed, but I did not pass OUT.
Aug 12 – Finally bought some real maternity clothes AND a sushi/donut date.
Aug 13 – Lots of vintage furniture shopping with Aaron.
Aug 14 – Relaxing nap day.
Aug 15 – First youth service of the school year! And I passed the glucose test!
Aug 16 – I was a few minutes late to get breakfast at Chick-Fil-A but they gave me chicken minis ANYWAY.
Aug 17 – FINALLY cleaned out my office from moving in. Six months ago.
Aug 18 – My friend Allison came through town. Great visit, delicious food, REISLING-PEAR SORBET.
Aug 19 – Bonded with a friend over a shared knowledge of random Barenaked Ladies lyrics.
Aug 20 – Delicious dinner at a new indian restaurant.
Aug 21 – Really beautiful music service at church.
Aug 22 – First high school girls small group of the semester. Love those girls so much.
Aug 23 – Dinner with one of my favorite college girls.
Aug 24 – Aaron got a great new client.
Aug 25 – Flew to Texas! Lunch with mom! Swimming!
Aug 26 – So. Much. Shopping.
Aug 27 – Baby shower with my high school friends and their moms. So thankful to still be close with them.
Aug 28 – Family baby shower. So many tiny pink outfits. And rainbow jello.
Aug 29 – Meeting with all the new youth parents. So excited about this year.
Aug 30 – Met with our new small group for the first time. Hoping to make some new friends.
Aug 31 – Fun catch up dinner with good friends. Also, lamb.