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Month Eleven. October 26, 2012

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Dear Campbell,

Oh, baby girl. I don’t even know what to say anymore. You are so grown up these days. My heart can’t take it.

The biggest change this month has been how intent you are. You get an idea in your head and you MAKE. IT. HAPPEN. These ideas generally include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • I need to go splash in the toilet water.
  • I need to empty all the plastic bags out of their boxes.
  • I need to climb up on the bed.
  • I need to eat a cell phone.
  • I need to push all the buttons on the DVR.
  • I need all the stuff in the diaper bag to be moved to the floor.
  • I need to play with the oven drawer.
  • I need to crawl into my toy basket, stand up, then fall over on my face.

And lord help anyone (read: me) who tries to get in the way of your plans. If I manage to catch you before you make it into the bathroom, your entire body goes limp and the whining begins. We are in trouble when you know words.

You have a lot to say, though, even without the words. It seems like every day a new sound is added to your vocabulary, and you use them with emphasis and inflection and I swear it’s a real language we just can’t understand. Your sound choices just seem so intentional. Especially when you’re talking to the wall.

Mealtimes have gotten a lot more fun in the past few weeks. For a while it seems like food just served to make you mad. But you spend more time actually eating now and less time throwing food on the floor, which I have to say I really appreciate. You’ll taste anything we give you, and you are learning what you like and don’t like. No matter what else is available to you on your tray, if there’s shredded cheese you will pick it all out and eat it first before you touch anything else. Then you’ll sign “more” at us to try to get more before settling for the other food you have. Smart girl.

One of my favorite (and least favorite) things about you is your independence. You are perfectly content to do your own thing. In fact, you prefer it. Sometimes I think we are getting on your nerves when we try to insert ourselves into whatever game you’re playing. You are always on the move, looking for something new to explore or climb or taste. Like dirt. And the bottoms of shoes. And dryer sheets.

Sometimes I wish you were more of a cuddler, that you wanted to climb up onto my lap and hang out with me. But I know that you know we are here when you need us, and when you don’t, we’re right there anyway. Probably taking pictures.

We love love love you, Campbell Lou. You light up the room.



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  1. Bethany Says:

    Awesome. And I especially love the last picture of licking the mirror at Target….hahahahaha!

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