Daily Archives: April 15, 2005


Today I was informed that, “as a result of the completion of a comprehensive review of positions across the college”, I am getting a pay raise, effective April 29th.


Which leads me back to what I said earlier about cool things happened to me. I’ve got so much ‘cool thing’ in my life that God has given me, that I’m not in a position where I need on more cool things. I mean, my cup was already running over… and He just keeps pouring and pouring.


This morning I was listening to the Bible on my iPod, and felt like my mind kept wandering, and I had to remind myself to pay attention because I had just missed what was said. Then I looked down (dangerous, I know) to see where I was (I was listening to 1 Peter) and saw that I was in chapter 2. “Wow”, I thought, “chapter one longer than I thought”.

And then it ended.

And then I realized that shuffle was on, and it was skipping around the chapters.