Some Goals for 2007

So, here are some goals that I’d like to accomplish this year…

  • Read through the whole Bible with my wife.
    In looking over various plans, this one seemed to make the most sense. Others have you read a chapter or so from various books of the Bible each day. That seems confusing to me, so I opted for this plan. You read three chapters a day, and five on Sundays. The website sends an email each day with links to the readings for that day. We won’t be reading online, but it will at least keep me on track.
  • Exercise regularly
    I’m still not sure what I’m going to do as exercise. Running seems the most simple, but I find that it hurts my joints. That could just be that I’m so out of shape, and after a while I’ll strengthen up a bit to endure it. But, whatever I do, I need to be more active. Coupled with this goal is the added benefit of losing weight. The goal is to lose 20 pounds, but I’d actually like to lose more, I think. Like 30. Megan also has a weightloss goal, and if when we both achieve our goal, we’re going to do something to celebrate. Not sure what that something is yet, but it’ll be fun. Feel free to make suggestions.
  • Read more books
    I like to keep some sort of balance between three sorts of books I read… christian doctrine books, novels, and science/creation books. Last year I basically took off from reading books from around April til some time in November. I guess it was settling into the new routine with the new job or something, but I just didn’t read books. Anyhow. I want to read more this year. Also, as a subgoal, I won’t be purchasing any new books in 2007 until after I read all the books on a yet unmade list. I realized that I have been too slow in my reading, and new books have kept coming in, resulting in a pile that I have but have never read. So I’m working on a list of 20 books that I want to finish before I can buy any new books. Which will make it tough to maintain the balance I was speaking of, because I’ve read most of the science type books I have, and there are several of that genre that I’d like to get.
  • Apply to graduate school
    This, the last goal in this list, is one that I’d hoped to already have done. But haven’t. I was going to apply in the Fall, but decided to not rush myself and be ready for the spring. Well, spring semester has just about come, but I haven’t applied, and I don’t think I’m going to. Financial issues this time. So, my goal is to be enrolled in at least one class either this summer, or in the fall. It’ll be a Masters of Science in biology, with an eye towards teaching. As I understand it, you can teach at community college with 18 hours of graduate coursework in the subject you’re teaching. That’d be six classes.

So there you go, some of my goals for 2007.

Oh, I think one more goal will be to close this blog. It’s gotten fairly lame this past year. I think limiting my online presence in general will be on that goal. So, Happy New Year!

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