The Greatest Show on Earth

So the Library very kindly and conveniently notified me yesterday that they were holding Richard Dawkins’ latest book for me. I barely made it in the door to get it… in fact, the only reason they let me in is because the book was held. If I had to get it off the shelf, they wouldn’t have let me (Thus, I do not have Tile Your World, which I would like to review before tiling my bathroom floor).

So, similar to my reading through Coyne’s book, I will be posting various thoughts and insights as I read the book. Last night I read chapter 1, “Only A Theory?”. Here is my summary of points:

  • Creationists are idiots.
  • Evolutionists are persecuted in schools.
  • “Senior clergy and theologians” don’t have a problem with evolution, and so neither should you.
  • Creationists are idiots.
  • Defining terms: Theories and Facts.
  • Creationists are really idiots.

We’re off to a wonderful start.

3 thoughts on “The Greatest Show on Earth

  1. So, in a nutshell: does he make any substantive arguments? Or is it mainly just calling people idiots?

  2. This was just chapter 1. I don’t think he made any substantial arguments. I don’t remember how far I got in the book before I stopped reading it. Probably not more than Ch. 3 or 4. It might be worth reading.

    It definitely had a whole lot more money put into it than Coyne’s book did. Flashy color pictures and all that. But from what I read, I’d recommend Coyne’s book over Dawkins’.

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