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Young Dogs

On Sunday we went up to the Peaks of Otter and had a picnic lunch. It was good.

On the way home we stopped at a Kroger to pick up some ice cream (it was also good). Some of the kids wanted to go in, but others wanted to stay in the car. So I picked one to come with me, and off we went. One other protested at being left, but she was still in her seat and I thought she could stay.

But as we were walking away from the car a shout came forth, “Even the dogs get the crumbs!”

So she got to come with me also.

The Nature of Things

Last night for dinner we had biscuits with a variety of toppings. Sausage gravy, but also jams and apple butter and honey.

Geneva asked for honey, and so I poured on, quite heavily. “you’ll have to use your fork, since there’s so much honey”, I said. She explained how she would get terribly sticky if she tried to eat the biscuit with her hands. Then she asked, “What makes honey sticky?”

Being the always helpful father, I answered her question matter of factly… “The same thing that makes water wet.”

Not satisfied, she asked what makes water wet. Then Ashley popped in, “I know! I know!” She was eager to spread her knowledge. “Ice!”

Growing Up In A Barn

This evening when I came home from work I was greeted with an interesting bit of knowledge. Geneva had peed outside. “Wow”, thought I. I asked her where she went, hoping that it wasn’t an open display to all the neighborhood.

“Next to the garage” she answered. “Whew” thought I. There’s a narrow strip three feet or so wide between our garage and our neighbor’s 7 foot fence. But then came the next tidbit…

“It was a different place than the last time”. “Oh boy”, thought I. She has done this more than once.

But then, to top it all off spectacularly, I learned that this plan was approved of by Mrs. Okimoto. “Needful”, thought I.

Phone Etiquette

Here’s the best we can make of a telephone conversation Geneva had the other day.

First, she started speaking before she had lifted the receiver up to her mouth, so all the person her was,

G: this is Geneva
Other End: Hi, is your mom or dad available?
G: No. But they’re both home. they’re sitting in the living room and we’re playing with american girl dolls.
OE: Do you think one of them could run to the phone?
G: Well, my mom can’t really run right now.
OE: Could you get either your mom or your dad for me to talk to?
G: okay.
She then spends several minutes deliberating on whether she’s going to get me or megan.

Soccer Ball!

The girls have developed a game while riding in the car. There’s a sign in town that has a big shark on it, and when we pass it they shout, “Shark!”. Similarly, when they see flowers growing, they shout, “Flowers!”.
Ashley, in a successful attempt to further develop the game, made the following rules,

  • When you see a flower growing on a tree, you shout, “Tree!”
  • When you seea flower growing on a bush, you shout, “Bush!”

Upon hearing these new rules, Fiona decided she had a good one to include… If you see a flower on a soccer ball.. a girl’s soccer ball, you shout, “Soccer Ball!”


The girls were at the table yesterday, eating their lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Ashley: Isn’t it funny that it’s called peanut butter? It has butter in it.
Geneva: No, it doesn’t have butter. I think they call it peanut butter because it looks like butter.

It’s that ‘rock music’

A little while ago I was back by the computer, by myself, and I played the song Low Self Opinion by Rollins Band (click the link for a demo). After listening for a minute or so, Megan came back to share a story.

When I started the song, Geneva, who was in the other room with Megan, said to her, “Why is Daddy listening to that weird music”? Megan answered, “I don’t know. But you always can go ask him.”
Geneva then replied, “No. It’s because he likes that rock music”.

New Baby

Since I appear to be posting more regularly than the past several months (which, granted, isn’t saying much), I will go ahead and throw out the news to any that read this blog but don’t already know, we are expecting baby number 5. The due date is July 9, which excites me greatly. Now I will be connected with the rest of the family in a six month run of birthdays, at least one per month from June through November.