Guard Your Heart

You guys. I’m struggling with what to write on here. There’s a lot of good going on in my life. Friendships that are growing and blossoming. Safe places that feel solid and safe. There are new, exciting things. Old, comfortable things. There is good news and answered prayers. There is also the hard. Challenges and conflict that leave me utterly… Read more →


My new favorite breakfast

In my last post, I alluded to a breakfast I recently made for myself on the morning after my aunt died. It was a self-care breakfast. One that took time. Skill. There were layers and tastes and it’s not the kind of breakfast I would typically make just for me. But why? Why wouldn’t I make something nice just for… Read more →



I wrote this piece after a recent trip to El Salvador and Mexico, where I was gathering stories from children living in desperate poverty–stories of hope and release. Stories that remind me how blessed I am. Today I feel caught between two worlds. My arms still bare the mosquito bites of El Salvador, but my legs stretch out in front… Read more →



Hey y’all! Don’t you love it when someone launches a blog and then never ever posts on it? I know I do! In all seriousness, those last two posts summed everything up. I had nothing new to report. The bad days outnumbered the good for a while. And then they evened out. And now I’d even say the good days… Read more →

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