We are all on a journey.

My hope is that the twists and turns of my journey will inspire you on your own. This is not a diet blog. Not an exercise blog. Just a simple blog about one girl's path towards health and wholeness. Because I believe that the words of the great poet Wendell Berry are true--that we are all "summoned towards wholeness." But the question is, will we respond?

About Me

No Pretty Bow

I like to write about things once they’ve been resolved. I’ve always struggled with wanting to wrap things up with a nice bow. Make it pretty. Whitewash it. Now do you understand why I haven’t written in so long? I’m in the middle of a difficult season. I wrote about much of it in my last post. I slip. I… Read more →


Trapped Inside

There’s a post-it note stuck on my mirror. I see it every morning when I stumble into the bathroom, my face crisscrossed with sleep lines, my cowlick asserting itself. I see that purple note when I lean in close to the mirror to put on my make-up, hiding and highlighting. And I see it again at night as I scrub that… Read more →

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Buy the Red Pants

I was browsing the clearance section at my local Kohl’s a few years ago. My fingers flipped nimbly by the smalls, mediums and larges, only pausing when I got to the hangers marked XL.* On another rack I quickly moved past the cute single digits and plunged well into the double digits. Almost out of the teens, but not quite.… Read more →

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