We are all on a journey.

My hope is that the twists and turns of my journey will inspire you on your own. This is not a diet blog. Not an exercise blog. Just a simple blog about one girl's path towards health and wholeness. Because I believe that the words of the great poet Wendell Berry are true--that we are all "summoned towards wholeness." But the question is, will we respond?

About Me

The Dreaded Shame Spiral

It all started when I stepped on the scale and saw a three-pound increase. I know, I know. I am more than a number. It’s probably water weight. I should throw my scale away. Bladdidy blah blah blah. But deep down, I felt something slip. A cup of confidence replaced by a cup of fear. “You’re amazing!” drowned out by… Read more →


A time to push–a time to rest

It was a Tuesday night, which could only mean one thing. Boot camp. That hour of pushing my body so I can enjoy a week of limping and groaning every time I sit down. Just in time to do it again the next Tuesday. But that night felt off. The quad in my right leg was screaming from the very first… Read more →


5 Tips for Getting It Done: Mealtime

I’ve had a lot of people ask lately how I get mealtime done after work. And first of all, I will say that cooking for one person is a bit easier than preparing meals for an entire family. First of all, I’m only thinking about my likes (bacon) and dislikes (olives), instead of trying to think through an entire family’s likes… Read more →

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Retraining my Taste Buds (and a sorta, kinda recipe)

If you were to ask me to close my eyes and imagine the taste of my childhood, it would be Little Debbie oatmeal pies. That soft, ever so slightly spiced, oatmeal cake with the white cream filling that left your mouth coated with…something both chemical and delicious. The taste of college? McDonald’s hamburgers and fries. Our cafeteria was, shall we… Read more →


Trapped Inside

There’s a post-it note stuck on my mirror. I see it every morning when I stumble into the bathroom, my face crisscrossed with sleep lines, my cowlick asserting itself. I see that purple note when I lean in close to the mirror to put on my make-up, hiding and highlighting. And I see it again at night as I scrub that… Read more →


Unwritten Symphonies

Today was a long day. It was a day full insecurities. I got so deeply into my own head that I just couldn’t see my way out. All day I felt like the slightest breath of doubt would send me over the edge. And to my utter amazement, I found myself wanting to go for a run. No. Needing to… Read more →


What would you like to hear?

I have a whole mess of ideas in the queue, but I wanted to take a moment and ask, what would you like to hear? I want this to be a community, a place where we have a dialogue. While I love sharing what worked for me, it won’t work for everyone! But if there’s something you’d like to hear… Read more →


To Whom It May Concern: Running Edition

If you ever read previous iterations of my blog, you know how much I love writing passive aggressive notes to anonymous people. And that’s certainly not about to stop. So here you have it, the first bit of Healthy and Whole snark. You’re welcome. Dear Redneck in the Pick-Up Truck, I’m sorry. I fear you may have mistaken me for someone that you… Read more →

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Buy the Red Pants

I was browsing the clearance section at my local Kohl’s a few years ago. My fingers flipped nimbly by the smalls, mediums and larges, only pausing when I got to the hangers marked XL.* On another rack I quickly moved past the cute single digits and plunged well into the double digits. Almost out of the teens, but not quite.… Read more →

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

No More Bikini Body!

It was a Tuesday afternoon and I was trying to will myself to hold a plank for 10 more seconds. My arms shook and drops of sweat made jagged circles on my yoga mat.* From the screen in front of me a chiseled blond spoke chipper words of encouragement while I grumbled expletives under my breath. And then she said… Read more →